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ORC and the Environment

The focus of the Club is on healthy outdoor recreation but we try to maintain a responsible attitude towards the environment in which we play.

  1. We carpool from a central location in Ottawa to wherever our activity is taking place rather than all driving individually. This reduces our carbon footprint and also reduces wear and tear on our members' vehicles.

  2. When we are on an outing, whether it is is hiking, snowshoeing or skiing, we bring out everything we take in. We take care never to leave litter and if we see litter on the trail (and have space in a pack) we pick it up and carry it out.

  3. All communications with our members is by email or via our website. We do not waste resources by printing and mailing. In addition we encourage members to join and renew electronically and to pay membership fees online rather than by cheque.

  4. We use a carbon-neutral web hosting company.