Membership fees for adults wishing to join the Ottawa Rambling Club are $25 for a single year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st) or $40 for a two year membership. Fees for youth members (13 to 17) are $12 per year. Note that youth members must be accompanied by a supervising adult member for all Club activities.

Please choose one of the following two options if you would like to join the Club:

Option 1: Submit your membership application online

Click on the "Online Membership Form" button to be guided through our online registration and payment process. 

Option 2: Submit your membership application by mail

Click on the "Print Membership Form" button to print a paper application form, then complete the form and send it with your payment to the address shown at the bottom of the form.

Processing of Membership Applications

The Club will process your application once registration information and payment have been received. You will receive your membership card by email and will be added to the Club's email distribution list in order to receive notification of Club events.

Still have questions or need help? Contact the Club at: