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Join Us As a Guest

Interested in the Club but not sure whether it's for you?

The Club invites you to participate in one or two outings with us as a guest (if spaces are available) before deciding to join the club. Here are some tips for guests.

  • You will need to register online for the outing in which you are interested.
  • Make yourself known to the outing leader, either when you arrive at the meeting point or better still, by email once you are sure you are attending. (The leader's email address can be found in the event details for each outing.)
  • Wear footwear and clothing suited to rugged terrain, and to the weather.
  • Bring lunch, water for a full day (2 litres in summer, 1 litre in other seasons), basic first aid kit, and a loud whistle.
  • In summer, bring insect, rain, and sun protection. Some summer hikes include a swim, so if you like, bring a bathing suit.
  • In winter, bring extra gloves, dry socks, hat, sufficient warm clothing, and rain, snow and sleet protection. If the ground is bare but expected to be icy (as often happens in spring and fall), bring a pair of ice-spikes that fit over your boot-soles.
  • Be courteous, do what the leader says, pack out your litter, and stay with the group. If you have trouble keeping up, tell the leader immediately. If you become separated from the group, stop, stay put, and blow your whistle.

For more information, contact our Outings Coordinator.

We hope you enjoy your outing with us and decide to join.