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Meetup Time and Location

Meeting Time

The departure time for our outings is typically between 8:30am and 9:30am depending on the outing duration and season. The outings calendar should be consulted to determine the departure time for a specific outing. Please allow 10 minutes for sign-up and organizing ride sharing.

Main Meeting Location

The meeting point for all regular Club outings is at the parking area immediately to the east of the Supreme Court building on Wellington St. 

Alternate Meeting Location

Very occasionally, upon arrival we discover that the Supreme Court parking lot is not available due to unannounced parking lot and/or Wellington Street closure(s). When this happens we will re-gather in the Tunney's Pasture northeast parking lot adjacent to Parkdale / Emmerson and just south of the SJAM Parkway. Departure time from this alternate parking lot will be 15 minutes later than the planned time in order to allow for travel time between the two locations.

Questions: Contact our Outings Coordinator.